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Hello! We're Megan and Emanuel and we're photographers from Vancouver BC. We started Field & Forest as a little celebration of adventure to try encourage people to get outside and discover places in their own backyard, and with the hope that we might help inspire a deeper connection to these wild and beautiful places. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, and you don't need to be rich or an athlete to get out and feel the thrill of adventure — all you need is an evening or weekend off and the curiousity to see something new.

Field & Forest is a collection of some of our favourite trips from around BC and beyond. And we'd love to hear about your adventures too! Share your story with over 50k people on the Journal.


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Megan McLellan, Vancouver Photographer


Megan began a lifelong love of travel and the outdoors at a young age, doing regular family trips around the world and into the local wilderness. While she was born and raised in Vancouver, she is most at home on the road heading on her next adventure. When she's not taking photos she is completing a degree in communications from Simon Fraser University.

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Emanuel Smedbol, Vancouver photographer


Growing up in a quiet valley in BC's mountainous interior, Emanuel has always felt most at home in the wilds. He moved to the coast for school, earning degrees in cultural anthropology and graphic design, and really enjoys how easy it is to get pizza and sushi in the city. But he's always looking forward to the next trip into the surrounding fields and forests...

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