Hi, we're Megan & Emanuel, and we love trips. Bike trips, canoe trips, hiking trips, road trips, long trips, short trips... Always keen to make things with our hands we designed a few bags to use on trips and, after testing in the wild and many many (many) refinements, started making bags for you to use on your trips, too. Everything is made by hand here in our little East Vancouver studio. We hope you find something you like. Thanks for all the support.


Megan kindled a love of travel and the outdoors from an early age, enjoying regular family trips around the globe and into the vast wilderness at Vancouver's doorstep. She loves earl grey tea, wandering the neighbourhood looking at gardens, and getting a good night's sleep.


Born in a log cabin deep in the snowdrifts of rural British Columbia, Emanuel grew up with the dark woods and craggy Kootenay mountains as a playground. He likes quick dips in crisp clear water, listening to audiobooks, and prefers his marshmallows raw and not roasted.