Down from the mountain: two Vancouver, BC-area trips

From mountains to islands. Two quick Vancouver-area trips.

words by Emanuel Smedbøl

Looking out over Howe Sound from the St Mark's Summit, Vancouver

When Mark's approached us to create some outdoor images for their summer #ForAllWalks footwear campaign, we thought we could best illustrate both the wealth of opportunity here on the West Coast and the versatility of Mark's product line by going on two distinct trips. Up a mountain! And then out camping for a few days on a sunny sandy island.

Starting in the mountains, we chose an iffy weather day with the booming clanging crackle of thunder rolling through the valleys. We booted up knowing we were in for a treat. The storm was brief, but the show lasted all day: cloud after cloud washed over us, obscuring and revealing and obscuring the world far below. With the mountain to ourselves we had a pretty quiet morning and hiked down through a mysterious landscape of thick soupy fog.

Giant trees and Old forests above Vancouver Posing real cool on a rotten old stump, North Shore Mountains, Vancouver Found a hole in a tree and crawled inside Inside a tree Clouds lifting over Howe Sound, St Marks Summit Cluods rolling over the mountains fo Vancouver, BC Foggy days in the Pacific Northwest Clouds and silhouettes high above Vancouver, BC Sunset over the islands of Howe Sounds from St Mark's, Vanouver Camping on the North Shore Mountains, Vancouver, BC Foggy morning in the mountains Fog obscuring the hiking trail, Cypress Provincial Park, BC Thick clouds, much mood Hiking the Howe Souns Crest Trail, Vancouver Fog in the forest, North Vancouver, BC The forest of Vancouver Hiking through the mountain forests of Vancouver, BC

After the hike, we hopped on a ferry out to one of our favourite Gulf Islands. The skies clearing into a hot summer haze, we spent most of the weekend napping on beaches, going for cold salty swims, watching newly-hatched goslings and rare pelicans, and exploring in the shade of the forest. All in all it was a perfect West Coast weekend.

Relaxing on an island, Sidney Spit, Gulf Islands, BC Camping in a field, Gulf Islands, BC Exploring the island Found a giant field Long walks on the beach, Sidney Spit, Gulf Islands Sunsets and cool trees, Gulf Islands Camping on the beach, Gulf Islands, BC Stunning ocean sunset from the tent, BC Camping on an island, Vancouver, BC Sunset over the Southern Gulf Islands, BC