Autumn getaway to the cabins and mountain trails and hotsprings of Pemberton, BC

Autumn adventures in the Pemberton Valley, BC

by Megan McLellan & Emanuel Smedbøl

Autumn colours in Pemberton, BC

It was the end of a long and lingering summer when the slow chill of October began to take hold. It started as a first faint nip in the mornings and evenings — breath hanging in the air, the leaves hinting at change. Glamping Hub had offered us a place to stay of our choosing, and eager to see the new season's rush of colour, we booked a beautiful log cabin, packed up the car, and hit the road north to the mountains and meadows of Pemberton.

A quiet farming and ranching community just north of Whistler, Pemberton is an ideal getaway at any time of year, but especially so in Autumn. With unhindered mountain views you can see winter's first dusting, and watch the white line of snow slowly creep down the mountain from the comfort of a colourful valley bottom. There are fresh farm stands dotting the drives, and horses wandering in the fields. There are trails and lakes and hotsprings and all manner of sights and activities to fill a stay long or small.

Scenic backroads of Pemberton, BC Arriving at the log cabin Our log cabin getaway in Mt Currie, Pemberton BC Morning in the cabin Autumn views in Pemberton, BC

North Arm Farm

After settling into the cabin we set off for a quick breakfast at the North Arm Farm. Family-owned and operated, the farm has a cozy cafe open all year round, and bountiful seasonal u-pick produce throughout the summer. We strolled through the red rows of blueberry bushes, then picked our way through a sprawling display of squashes and pumpkins, choosing a cute little guy for our own.

The red blueberry bushes of North Arm Farm Wandering around North Arm Farm, Pemberton, BC Pumpkins in a row Cute little barn cat at North Arm Farm In the pumpkin patch Breakfast at North Arm Farm Petting the sheep at North Arm Farm Feeding the farm animals in Pemberton, BC

Tenquille Lake

While there are certainly more popular hikes in the Pemberton area, one of our new favourites is Tenquille Lake. There are a couple different trails in, from easy ambles to multi-day routefinding trips, but no matter which trail you take and no matter the weather, once you reach the little mountain lake and cozy cabin you’ll be glad you made the trek.

We took the trail off Hurley Road, and while it seemed gentle enough we ascended into the snowline almost before we knew it. Thick fog and squalls of giant snowflakes blotted out the views, dusting everything in thick wintery white. The year's first snowfall is always exciting, and it was thrilling to catch it in such an inspiring location.

Heading up the Hurley Road above Pemberton Meadows, BC Looking up the Pemberton valley First season's snowfall on our hike to Tenquille Lake Hiking in the snow Caught in a little snowstorm above Pemberton, BC Calm morning on the shores of Tenquille Lake Cold breath hanging in the morning air, first fresh snowflakes alighting in your hair Tenquille Lake Cabin Kicking up some snow at the Tenquille Lake cabin, British Columbia Watching the snow fall down from the comforts of the cabin Exploring the snowy shoreline of Tenquille Lake Hiking down the snowy mountain landscape, BC Snowy hike in the snowy mountains above Pemberton, BC Winter's first snows on the Tenquille Lake Trail Descending from the snow back into the autumn colours

Sloquet Hotsprings

South of Pemberton down some long scenic dirt roads waits Sloquet Hot Springs. Hidden in the lush temperate rain forest, the springs are naturally-occurring and developed in a way that retains much of their wild wonder. There are several rock pools carved out of the sandy creek bottom, each varying in temperature the further they are from the bubbling source. While a couple of the pools are large, we spent most of our time in the smallest, hottest one. It's a perfect place for a moment of quiet relaxation, and after our snowy hike we were pretty eager to slip into the warm waters.

Long an important cultural site for the Xa’xtsa First Nation, it's important that we help respect this special place and leave it how we found it. Other hot springs in the area have been closed due to careless campers leaving food and trash out, causing a dangerous situation with habituated bears. Let's do our part to keep Sloquet open for everyone to enjoy.

Driving along the In-SUCK-ch Forest Service Road Forest mushrooms on the forest floor Relaxing in Sloquet Hot Springs Colourful autumn afternoon in the Sloquet Hot Springs Natural hotsprings in Pemberton, BC Soaking in the Sloquet Creek Hot Springs, British Columbia

Returning to the Pemberton Valley, we poked around in the meadows, dazzled by the golden light in the forests and the thin blue light on the snow-capped mountains. After working up an appetite we grabbed some grilled sandwiches and a mini apple pie from local favourite Blackbird Bakery and had a little picnic on the dock of One Mile Lake Regional Park.

Autumn colours in Pemberton, BC Roadside maple leaves Fields of Pemberton Meadows Looking up the Lillooet River, BC Lunch break at One Mile Lake, Pemberton One Mile Lake, Pemberton BC Scenic farmland while driving through Pemberton Meados Farms and ranches of Mt Currie, BC

Our final day at the cabin was spent exploring the backyard treehouses and drinking hot beverages on the porch til the air turned cold and the light grew dim. We retired to the living room, warming ourselves in the orange glow of the crackling wood fireplace, a pot of noodles on the boil and a bag of marshmallows near at hand.

All in all, a perfect end a perfect couple days.

Cute cabin rental (with a treehouse!) in Pemberton, BC Back home at the cabin Relaxing on the porch Cold weather and hot beverages Reading by the crackling fireplace in the cabin Hanging out in the cabin Getting the firewood Crackling fireplace in the cabin cozy morning in the cabin, Pemberton, BC

Big thanks to Glamping Hub for hosting us! Check out their website for vacation rentals around the world, including curated lists of great fall getaways and other BC rentals

Big thanks to Glamping Hub for hosting us